Mark Hahn Memorial 300

14th Annual Mark Hahn 300 Memorial

This is the longest PWC (personal watercraft)  race in the world, covering a total of 300 tough miles in 30 successive laps of a ten mile course, starting off the beach at Crazy Horse (famous for hosting the IJSBA World Finals).  It runs north along the Arizona shoreline, turning towards Havasu Landing and running down the California shore nearly to Site Six, and back to Crazy Horse to complete a lap. The race features the only true Le Mans start currently in motorsports of any type. In this, the racers are lined up along the beach, holding up their safety “key” while their crew chief holds their PWC in the water with the engine off. At an undetermined time during a two minute window, a shotgun is fired and the riders run to the water, jump on their PWC, start their engine (hopefully quickly!) and race off toward the north turn, a few miles up course. This start not only adds excitement (the atmosphere is so heavy with adrenalin before the starting gun that you can cut it with a knife) it also provides a level of separation for the racers adding a safety factor.

If you like riding your PWC fast this may be the ultimate personal adventure for you! No special training or experience is required. And a factory stock PWC is still the best bet for racing. Stock reliability usually trumps the high horsepower custom hot rods in this race. You have to be still running 300 miles after the start to finish the race, let alone win.

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