IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure you have purchased these stickers before launching into Nevada waters. It’s $20.50 online. Also make sure you have the California Mussel Stickers its a added part of your DMV registration. Call toll-free: 866-703-4605

WCWCC 4th Annual Yuma Event 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017 3:00 PM



Friday Morning Breakfast opens at 6am and we will depart the Hotel for Squaw Lake @ 7:45am. Fourty (40) mile ride to Walters Camp, 80 miles round trip.

Saturday Morning Breakfast opens at 6am and we will depart the Hotel for Squaw Lake @ 7:30am. We will meet you in the Lobby of the Hotel @ 7:15 for a Ride & Safety Overview in addition to having you sign the Club’s “Rider Waiver”. Please be on time!!!

Ride plan will be an 80 mile ride to Blythe stopping at Walters Camp for fuel before heading for Blythe. Walters Camp is the 40 mile half way point to Blythe. Please note there is NO FUEL in Blythe but there is fuel at Mc Intyre Park 7 miles south of Blythe next to the convenience store. You will need fuel containers to dispense and walk back to your ski at the dock. Since this will be a long day I would suggest we give ourselves plenty of time to return back to Squaw Lake, leaving Blythe no later than 3pm, Sunset is at 7pm.

Fuel Stations – Lake Martinez 928-783-9589, approx. 15 miles from Squaw Lake. Walters Camp 760-854-3322, approx. 40 miles from Squaw Lake, Mc Intyre Park 760-922-8205, approx. 7 miles south of Blythe. (no fuel on water)

We are in for a great weekend! Long range weather forecast is for high 80’s and high 90’s and gas is about a buck and a half less than the last time a group of us vacationed in Yuma.

Have a good drive!