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Avid Rider
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Over 15yrs of riding. Love riding in the ocean. Hanging out with friends. Racing Class: Pro rider and Endurance racer


Ryan a southern California native, started riding motorcycles at an early age after his dad brought home a bike for him at age 6. He rode all the local tracks and got into racing. Ryan came up the ranks trying all types of motorcycle racing.…

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure you have purchased these stickers before launching into Nevada waters. It’s $20.50 online. Also make sure you have the California Mussel Stickers its a added part of your DMV registration. Call toll-free: 866-703-4605

WCWCC Race Division Round 1

April 23, 2017

Dana Point to Oceanside and Back

Hosted by Lewis aka:X-Rated and Ryan AKA:Rocket

Come out and support our riders and new race division. Also may need a few skis to volunteer to ride behind and help broken down racers. Please post what you would like to do.

For each round of the 2017 TCO there must be a minimum of 25 riders, pre-registered & paid, three weeks prior to each race for the race to happen.

Note: The race entry must include payment. Monies will be refunded if race is cancelled.